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Aussie Purple 8 and 16 Bulb Plaits


Our  Garlic Plaits are perfect for storing your garlic. Hang them in the kitchen, they look great.

Available December at Echuca and Bendigo Markets


Australian Organic White Garlic


From the Artichoke group, our Australian White Garlic is soft necked with big white cloves of great flavour.  Australian White Garlic is easy to use with an average of 14 cloves per garlic bulb. A strong garlic plant which is suited to cold frosty winters and hot summers.

Available Mid January


Australian Organic Purple Garlic


From the Turbin group, our Purple Garlic selected from Victoria in 2000  is a beautiful hardneck garlic variety. Large purple/white coloured garlic bulb of excellent size and shape. 

This strong vigorous plant enjoys cold winters and warm summers. Australian Purple Garlic has excellent flavour and is easy to use with an average of 14 cloves per garlic bulb. 

Available Mid November to early May 

Pasture Fed Lamb


 Our pasture-fed Lamb is raised with the highest welfare standards to ensure that the animals suffer minimal stress.  

Available 2023

All our Garlic Products are seasonal and will be for sale again in December

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